Here is a look at what you can expect when you choose to work with me

step by step

Simply fill out the form here

Whether it's via DM, email or website enquiry I am ready to get chatting about your big day, so please reach out!

01. Contact

02. Meet

lets connect!

My goal is to make you comfortable on your Wedding day, so meeting beforehand is the perfect way to do that. My personal favourite is over a coffee, but when that isn't possible, Zoom is always a great way to get to know one another. This is the perfect time to spill all the details about your love and vision. Together we will go over possible design elements if you are looking to purchase an Albums or Prints.

Now this is what we've been waiting for. You have the absolute best day, and I'll be there to make sure those memories are captured to keep.

08. Final Delivery

They're here! No longer than 30 days after your wedding you'll finally get that email you've been waiting for with your full Wedding Gallery. If you have chosen to purchase prints or an album this is when you can pick your favourites for printing as well.

06. Wedding Day

07. Sneak Peek

I know waiting for your photos is almost agonizing, so between 48hrs and one week after your Wedding, you'll get around 10 photos for you to enjoy and share right away.

Not the most exciting bit, but after our meeting, if you're feeling what I'm feeling - I will send you over a copy of the contract for review and a deposit link to get you locked in!

05. Q&A

About a fortnight before your wedding I will send through the final Q&A to get all those last little details to make sure your day goes off without a hitch.

03. Contract & Deposit 

04. Final Payment

Last chance to change your minds. Kidding of course, this is also optional, I understand that some couples are more comfortable paying in cash or after their wedding for security reasons. Please note however that I am unable to deliver final images until payment is received.


01.  Do you shoot destination weddings?

I am able to work destination weddings, however the cost of travel and accommodation must be accounted for. I would love to follow you anywhere to help capture your special day.

02.  Can I extend the session on the day of?

Of course you can! - Though warning is obviously preferred. - If you decide on the day you would like more time, I am more than happy to work with you longer to get that perfect shot. Of course it will just be reflected in your invoice.

03.  Will there be a second shooter?

Generally I work alone, though for larger events it is often required. I will of course inform you if one is needed. I can easily arrange a second shooter if you would like. There is of course an additional cost for wages.

04.  What kind of gear do you use?

 I work with a double camera set up. With my gorgeous Canon 6D and my Uncle's old Canon 7D.

05.  Do I have to order prints through you?

Absolutely not, you can take your photographs anywhere to be printed. Though I do offer a range of prints and apparel through your client gallery.